Tour OPtions for End-to-Enders

For those die-hards looking to tackle the full 360 mile Erie Canal Bike Trail, as the song says "we salute you"! As for getting you there and back again, we can help. We offer 2 options to support your Full Erie ride as defined below.  The cost for either option is $100. Please feel free to call if you need any assistance planning your trip!

Option 1: Split Shuttle  *** Park in Syracuse ***

Recommended option:  On Day 1 park in Syracuse, we'll get you to your desired endpoint, either Buffalo or Albany, where you'll  begin your tour traveling to the opposite endpoint. At the end of your trip, we return you to your car in Syracuse. 

Option 2: Back to Back Shuttle  *** Park Buffalo or Albany ***

This option requires an overnight stay in Syracuse:   Park at either end, and let us shuttle you either before or after your trip. For Example, you could park in Buffalo, we shuttle to Albany, you then cycle back to your car in Buffalo.

TEL: (315) 316-BIKE 


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