Packing for Your Cycle Trip

Currently there isn't any luggage transportation along the bike trail. And even if there was that can be costly. So, just how to do you get your clean skivvies down the trail with you? Let us help.

If you planning a multi-day trip and will be staying at inns and B&Bs, you will likely find that you can get by with a decent set of pannier, which are saddlebags for your bike.

If you have traveled to the Erie Canal from out of the general area, and have brought luggage in addition to what you’ll use on the bike trail, you can leave that extra stuff in your car, and in many cases, if you’ll be staying in a hotel either before or after your cycling adventure, your hotel may be happy to hold your extra stuff while you are cycling.

Buying Panniers: While panniers run the gamut for pricing, Amazon has a great set of inexpensive panniers for about $30 (as of this writing). And if you are just getting your first set, inexpensive is the way to go! You may find that rear panniers are all you need for even many days on the trail, but the choice is always yours to add front panniers, a trunk or even a bike cargo trailer!

Packing: When packing remember you are on an active cycling vacation! Leave the sport coat and the sequined bag home! Consider the following basics:

Suggested Clothing

  • 2 sets of cycling clothes, including sox – you can rinse and re-wear for many days!

  • 2 sets of mix and match outfits. This gives you a total of 4 outfits! Enough to keep you looking sharp for 8 days or more!

  • 2-3 pairs of skivvies -wash, wear, repeat

  • 1 set of lounging clothes, let’s face it, you’ll wear this stuff for only an hour or 2 each day!

  • Bathing suit (in summer)

  • Comfy footwear for after the day’s ride but which can also go out to dinner. Ladies, now is the time for that perfect pair of dress flip flops or comfy mules.



  • Leave the blow dryer home, most places of lodging provide them

  • Travel size or mini everything! You can restock if necessary along the way at the many grocery, drug and department stores.

  • Bring 1 towel per person. You never know where you may want to jump in an inviting lake, soak your footsies, or spread it out for a picnic, or wine & cheese under the stars!


Food, Drinks & Snacks

  • Leave room in your saddlebags for snacks while riding, but plan to grab your meals along the trail. You’ll find merchants along the canal offer great hospitality and prices tend to be very reasonable!

  • Make sure your bike has 2 water bottle holders so as not to use space in your panniers.


Packing Dry Run: Before heading for the trailhead, be sure you to do a packing dry run! Gather up everything you’d LIKE to bring, and then start packing most important stuff first! Who knows, that sequined bag may fit after all!

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